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Caring for your jewellery -
both old and new

I enjoy using my 16 years experience as a jewellery designer maker to repair and alter clients' jewellery. Whether it is a single strand necklace that has broken, a knotted pearl necklace that needs restringing, replacement of an awkward clasp, making a bracelet longer or adapting earrings for non-pierced ears - I can mend, rework and adapt your jewellery.

Pieces need languish no longer in jewellery boxes being broken or unused. I can breathe fresh life into them and make them work for you!

Below are photos of some examples of repairs and alterations I have carried out - with prices to give an indications of cost. These are for guidance, as every job is different and I will quote individually for each one.

faux pearl necklace restring
faux pearl choker alter
pearl necklace restring
pearl necklace restring

This 1950's faux pearl necklace was restrung using a strong nylon cord. A knot was made between each bead. £45

To make this choker longer, matching faux pearl beads were sourced and each strand re-strung on strong, flexible nylon-coated wire. £65

This faux pearl necklace was restrung using a high quality, flexible nylon-coated wire. The ends were finished using silver french wire and silver-plated crimp covers. £50

reknot pearl necklace
restring pearl necklace
faux pearl bracelet repair
This cultured pearl necklace was restrung using a high quality natural silk thread. A knot was made between each pearl. Gold French wire protects the thread as it passes through the clasp. £45

The faux pearls had been damaged on this Chanel Bracelet. Matching replacement pearls and gold wire were sourced, adding them to the original bracelet. £75
knotted necklace
reknotted amber necklace
reknotted necklace
new clasp for necklace

A 90cm long knotted amber necklace was made using pieces a client had sourced. A non-stretch nylon thread was hand-dyed to be a perfect match for the amber. As the detail shows, a small knot was made between each piece. £50

This yellow bead necklace was re-knotted using a hand-dyed non-stretch nylon thread. A new gold-plated clasp was added. £45

restring necklace with nylon cord
restring necklace cord repair amethyst bracelet
repair bracelet

A strong nylon cord was used to re-string this wooden and gemstone necklace. The ends were knotted and secured for a long-lasting finish. £35

The silver pieces of this broken amethyst bracelet had tarnished over time. They were firstly polished, then the bracelet was restrung using a high-quality flexible nylon-coated wire. £30

Loose beads for a jewellery set
Completed jewellery set from loose beads

Earring missing from jewellery set

Made an extra earring to replace lost one

A selection of unique handmade beads were designed into a necklace and bracelet, using 19 strand nylon-coated wire and silver-plated clasps. Also a pair of earrings wre made with silver-plated hooks. £65

One of the earrings of this vintage red coral set had been lost. The necklace was reworked to create an extra matching earring. £55

Broken pearl necklace Mended pearl necklace Mended pearl necklace Mended pearl necklace clasp

This delicate black pearl necklace was totally restrung using a metallic polyester thread. The clasps were attached by wrapping silver-plated wire round the ends of the thread for a strong and elegant finish. £45

Necklace extension clasp
Reknotted resin necklace repair
Repaired glass bracelet
velvet ribbon for necklace

A silver-plated extension clasp was added to this necklace, giving the client more flexibility with the length. £25

This continuous plastic resin necklace was restrung using a no-stretch nylon thread. No clasp. £40

This green murano glass and silver charm bracelet was restrung using strong elastic cord. No clasp. £25

This ceramic necklace was restrung, replacing the clasp with a black velvet ribbon, giving the client more flexibility with the length of the necklace. £40

We can carry out the following repairs:

Mend broken strung necklaces and bracelets

Make strung necklaces or bracelets shorter or longer

Replace awkward clasps with larger or magnetic clasps for easier use.

Mend earrings

Adapt earrings for non-pierced ear (dangly earrings)

Restring broken knotted necklaces - pearls or beads

Use your beads to design necklaces, bracelets or earrings

Replace lost butterfly backs for earrings

Glue gemstones or pearls back onto earrings, necklaces or bracelets

Redesign your necklace, bracelet or earrings

If you can't see what you're looking for - please don't hesistate to get in touch!

What to do next if you'd like a quote for repairing or altering a piece of jewellery:

Please email me a photo of your jewellery to info@joannaripley.co.uk with an explanation of what needs to be mended or altered. I will then provide a non-obligation quote for carrying out the work.

Or please phone me on 01865 884074 to discuss the pieces(s).


When a quote has been agreed, I will send you details of where to post your jewellery to. Jewellery should be sent by Royal Mail, as courier companies might not offer compensation for loss or damage.

Royal Mail Special Delivery - is insured for pieces up to the value of £500.

Or you're welcome to post jewellery by normal Royal Mail post, but please be aware that pieces would not be insured.

When the pieces are finished I will return them to you by whichever postal service you'd prefer, at cost price to be added to the quote.

You are welcome to drop the pieces off at my studio, by appointment. We are in the village of Eynsham, a few miles west of Oxford.

Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer or cheque (allowing time for funds to clear).

Jewellery Repair Testimonials:

'I simply can't tell you how thrilled and delighted I am - you have done an absolutely fantastic job! Thank you so very, very much. You are such a 'find'!' Mrs Y, Staffordshire

'Just to say that my jewellery arrived today - and I'm so pleased. You have mended the earrings beautifully, and the restringing on the pearls is perfect. And what lovely boxes you have put them in. Many thanks.' Prof. S, Oxford

'The necklace was a triumph and the number one present. It brought absolute delight and I am grateful beyond measure for you getting it done in time and so well.' Mr H, Oxford

'I'm very pleased to have found you and glad you enjoyed my necklaces as much as I can now :) Thanks for doing such a great job - hope we'll do business again in the future.' Ms W, Bladon

'Many thanks for the excellent repairs. Both necklaces look just right. I'm amazed at how close the white and peach one is to the original.' Lady E, Oxford

'Just received bracelet ...it's so pretty thank you! Granny's old necklace sat in a drawer doing nothing. It is now a modern, wearable, beautiful bracelet.' Mrs G, Henley

'Lovely, lovely earrings. Necklace clasp looks good too! Thank you so very much.' Mrs W-J, Oxford

'Jo did a fantastic job re-stringing my Mother's pearl necklace. I had been meaning to have it repaired for years. I'm so glad I did!' Ms T, Oxford

'Just to let you know that the necklace arrived safe and sound this morning, many thanks it looks just like new. Great job done.' Mrs D, London

'I took a pile of amber beads to Joanna and she transformed them into a stunning necklace for my wife's birthday. She was thrilled.' Mr H, Oxford